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Logon Procedures
Your Logon ID and Password have been provided to you by the ACEC Texas and serves as a unique company identifier. If your company operates offices in more than one Texas city, you will be required to complete a salary survey for each city. However, only one benefits survey will be completed for your entire organization.

In order to logon and complete the survey, you MUST have cookies enabled in your web browser. The cookie utilized by the site does not collect any information related to you, your company, or your computer. The cookie is a session cookie that insures that the information you enter into the survey is stored in the correct location in the survey data base. When you log out or close your browser window the session is ended and the cookie is removed from your computer.

Using the Survey Application
Your survey responses are protected by a 256-bit secure certificate to insure that the information you enter into the survey will be encrypted and private.

As you progress through the survey, you will be provided the option to either "Save & Logoff" or "Save & Continue."
If at any point during the survey you need to save the information you have entered on a page and log out of the survey you may do so.

When you return to this site, log on, and select the survey you were previously filling out and you will be positioned at the beginning of that survey to allow you to review and modify any information entered previously.

Survey Data
When inserting your employee salary information, please make sure you only enter salary information for ACTUAL employees. For each employee on your payroll as of July 1, , you would take the salary the employee earned for the month of July and multiply it by 12. If you have only one employee in a given category, enter the salary only in the "average" data field. Please make sure you convert part-time to FTE.

In entering an employee's years of experience, we are needing his/her years of experience in the given profession rather than how long he/she have been with your firm.

At the request of the American Council of Engineering Companies Texas, the salary survey has a column average billable hourly rate for several professional grades. You need to report the average hourly billable rate for all employees within that professional grade.

Printed Results: you can obtain your entered salary and benefits information, along with the associated question, at the end of each segment.

Should you have any questions on this, please call Cynthia Thomas at 972-527-7505.

Printable Version of the Survey
To aid in the completion of your survey, a printable copy of the survey can be downloaded in Adobe PDF format*. Click here to download.

*Adobe Reader is required and can be downloaded for free at

The session cookie will time out (be removed from your computer) after 2 hours of inactivity. If you must stop the survey or step away from your computer, it is
recommended that you use the "Save & Logoff" button to insure that no data is lost.
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